“A beautiful moving work of art… A deeply compelling intervention in the screen history of Shakespeare.”

British Shakespeare Association

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is as relevant today as when it was first performed. We experience the internal anguish of one man’s desperate fall, and see a leader who promised so much overcome by imaginings and guilt as he descends into madness. Macbeth’s world is claustrophobic, dark and equivocal, a space in which, ‘nothing is but what is not’.

This radical new adaptation puts the audience’s engagement with the story centre-stage, amplifying the theatrical context of the original whilst creating truly innovative and thrilling cinematic vistas. The film magnifies the raw, dark, imaginative power of the text with an extraordinary, dynamic modern aesthetic – making the play both viscerally entertaining and giving it contemporary relevance. It is a feast not just for the eye, but also for the audience’s imaginations.


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An interview with actor Mark Rowley

May 15th, 2018|

Mark Rowley reflects on being the youngest actor to have donned the crown of Macbeth and explores how he created a fresh and faithful expression of the character typically performed by an older actor.