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Preview Screenings

Preview screenings in London, York, USA and at the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival have garnered the following reviews from first-time viewers / visiting Shakespeareans:

Posted 8th December, 2017

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“Perhaps the single most theatrical cinematic film I’ve ever seen.”

“Time, as this Macbeth conceives of it, is thrillingly, if unsettlingly, compressed and compacted.”

“I was blown away by the scope and style of what will surely become a landmark intervention in the screen history of Shakespeare.”

“Whether it is an erotic meeting in the bedroom, or a visceral encounter on the battle field, viewers are constantly alerted to actions that overlap and intermingle.”

“It’s a bleak and often brutal take on Macbeth, and unlike anything else I’ve seen on screen; I only hope as many people as possible get to see it.”

Macbeth gdansk photo 2

Inside the impressive Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

“I would love to see the film again.”

“The layers of self-conscious visual reference from medieval tapestry, renaissance painting and early film, gave an ominous new depth to Lady Macbeth’s dismissive comments ‘the sleeping and the dead / Are but as pictures.’”

“Here is a Shakespeare for and of the moment, an archetypal story repurposed for the present and invigorated by creative flourishes.”

“The overlapping of sex and ambition plays beautifully.”

“Proceeds at an exhilaratingly break-neck pace.”

“A fluid, Escher-like world that responds to the nuanced performances at its heart.”

Responses elicited from a recent screening to UK school pupils (years 8-12).